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Regarding Germs…

The following exchange happened at the park this morning while the girls were spinning on a tire swing..

Big Pink: What about our butts and the germs of other people’s butts?
Me: You mean your butt touching things that other people’s butts have  touched when sitting down?
BP: Yeah…
Me: That’s really not something you have to worry about.  The main thing is your hands touching things other people’s hands have touched.  That is the way germs are spread.
BP: Hands have germs and not butts?
Me: Well, people touch a lot more stuff with their hands, so yeah, kind of.  That’s why they have hand sanitizer.  You haven’t heard anything about butt sanitizer have you?
Big Pink and Little Pink (in unison): Butt Sanitizer! (Followed by thirty minutes of continuous, uproarious laughter).

And this is why you should let me teach your children science.


A Productive Weekend

This past weekend was a whirlwind of home projects and accomplishments.  My wife and I dropped the kids off at her Mother’s and proceeded to paint three-quarters of the interior of the house.  It has needed it for years, since we moved in, actually.  This was probably our best paint job yet, and we know a thing or two about painting.  We gave ourselves plenty of time to achieve our goal and checked off smaller goals as they were accomplished.  We taped and did prep work the first night, did two coats of trim around the windows, doors and woodwork the second day and rolled on two coats to finish on the third.  A little cleanup and curtain hanging on Sunday and we were done.  We even managed to fit in a little yard work after we picked up the girls.  Plenty of good energy and a well-accomplished weekend.  The point is, we didn’t get into a rush for our results.  We gave ourselves the time we needed to do things properly.  We didn’t get tired or sloppy and it shows.  In a way, my own health journey is similar to this methodology.  Celebrate small goals, take your time and enjoy.

By the time we finished up on Saturday night, we were in no mood to cook dinner for ourselves.  This meant throwing ourselves to the mercies of restaurant food. Continue reading A Productive Weekend