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101 Reasons Why This Post May Seem A Little Short


101. You might be a really fast reader. Congratulations on that, Speedy.

100. You might have glossed over a few as you went along. It ain’t the same as reading, Bub.

99. You mistook this post for “202 Reasons Why This Post May Seem A Little Short”. It isn’t.

98. You passed out for a bit while scrolling. It happens.

97. Life is so precious that it hurtles by at a blistering pace.

96. Something about rodents. Anything.

95. Look over there!

47. Huh? What? Oh…nothing.

46. Too much caffeine can be bad for your stomach. Just saying.

45. I still find it hard to believe that salsa outsells ketchup.

36. I lose focus easily.

35. I probably didn’t think this through before I started.

34. I rarely, if ever, review my work for errors before publishing.

29. I wish soda came in glass bottles more often, because I like the sound they make when you blow across the top of the bottle.

28. I am easily entertained.

25. I rarely, if ever, review my work for errors before publishing.

24. Republicans

23. Obama. Not the President, but this guy I used to know who ran a convenience store up the block from me many years ago. I think his name was Obama. Oh, no…wait. It was Rick.

19. I haven’t seen the movie “Twins” in quite a while.

14. *whistling*

13. Democrats

6. *incoherent mumbling*

3. Carnation Instant Breakfast.




Dollhouse Tales…Of Horror!!!

It’s time again for another installment of Omaha, Nebraska’s favorite family. Consider, if you will, that this seemingly benign dollhouse may also be a portal to another dimension. Tonight is Halloween and the portal will open wide, creating a pathway for the unknown, the unexpected, the things that are kinda expected but when it happens you are still like “Whoa! I thought I was expecting that but it was still sort of shocking when it happened!”

The Fooferturds have entered…The Seriously Messed Up Zone!

Our story begins on All Hallows Eve.

Spooooky! Spooky Spooky Spooky!

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Dollhouse Tales: Volume One

Every other day or so, Little Pink demands that I play “dollhouse” with her.  It’s cool and all, but I last about five minutes before I run out of dialogue for my character, which is always the grandmother.  I mean, I am ALWAYS the grandmother.  For the life of me I cannot understand why.

Anyway, this time I decided that I would spice things up a bit by enlisting LP’s help in designing a dollhouse photo shoot.  I grabbed my phone and we put together some scenes. I may have added a couple of scenes of my own to keep things interesting for me, because I have the attention span of person with ADD who does not take his medication.

The house at dawn.
Dawn breaks at Dollhouse Manor

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