About Fatherness

“James Harlen Wimsatt’s blog entitled ‘Fatherness’ is a funny, irreverent look at fatherhood and everyday life situations.  It is a much needed and informative parental outlet for fathers and mothers alike.” – James Harlen Wimsatt, talking to himself.

James is a freelance writer and photographer from Ohio. Fatherness is his project that focuses on the trials and tribulations of modern fatherhood. It also allows him plenty of space for fart jokes.

His latest book, Fatherness: A Short Primer, is currently available in eBook form at Amazon.com (print edition coming soon)

If you want to contact him (hopefully to buy him drinks), you may do so at Jim(at)jimwritesthings(dot)com.



One thought on “About Fatherness”

  1. I think you should blog about that one day when your Facebook status said that you know it isn’t good when one of your children says “I pooped” without any enthusiasm. I’ve been waiting to hear that story.

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Putting the "Fat" in Father since 2005.

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