Open the Door. Get on the Floor.

180-mancare pe jos

What is the difference between cotton candy and a cotton ball?

To a toddler…not a damn thing.

Some folks may think that a small thing that has been dropped on the floor is no big deal. Those people do not have small children. You see, for a kid who moves about primarily on all fours and scans the earth with their eyes and fingers for the tiniest little scrap or bit (think a human Roomba), the floor is all they know. That is what makes up 80% of the entire world. Therefore, anything that happens to be lying about must be inspected thoroughly by first rolling it about in the fingers for a couple of seconds and then popping it into the mouth for a good chew.

This is truly the only way to learn about the world. I mean, that’s why college was such a struggle for me…too many things to put in my mouth. It’s true. When a strangely herbal smelling dude with dreads hands you a tiny piece a paper, the only way to learn about it is to put it in your mouth. You will soon taste the knowledge. You will also soon hear the colors and smell the music.

Later you will wake up in the bushes, likely with much fewer clothes than when you started.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah. My son wanted to eat a cotton ball. I didn’t let him.

I rock at this parenting thing.