What Things May Come…

The next couple of weeks are bringing more change than the last four years of my life combined, save for the birth of my second child.  In a way, I feel like the torturous uncertainties that I have been battling for quite a while are being lifted, possibly at a more rapid pace than is comfortable.  In the next two weeks, the following is happening: We are moving, and downsizing, into an apartment as we sell our house and I am quitting the job I have been at for the past four years in order to stay at home with the girls.  Since my wife recently acquired her dream job, this is the arrangement that works the best for us financially and in a family relationship sense.  It is better for me as a parent to be with them as they venture into their school years (Big Pink begins kindergarten and Little Pink is beginning pre-school) and there is no sense for me to work simply to pay for childcare that allows for pre and after school arrangements.  So that is decided.  I, James Harlen Wimsatt, will be a stay-at-home Dad.

Allow the panic to sink in.

Actually, this will be really cool.  I will be shuttling the girls to school and dance classes for the most part.  I will have time to fix their meals and monitor what they eat.  We can have fun hikes in the park which is going to be right next to our apartment.  The girls won’t have to go to bed with three hours of daylight remaining in the summer in order to get up at 6:00 a.m. so that Mom and Dad can ditch them at the sitters on their way to work.  I will also have more time to focus on my health and fitness.  Maybe even be able to make it to the gym again on occasion.  I will actually have alone time to work on things that I enjoy while the girls are both in school during the week.  Which brings me to…

What does this mean for Fatherness?

I admit that I have been slacking in the past month.  However, if you knew what my wife and I have been going through this past month, and some of you do, you would let me slide.  I feel that this lifestyle change is going to have a huge impact on Fatherness.  What was originally an outlet for my insane family ramblings and health dementia will become something bigger and better.  I don’t have everything mapped out as of yet, but I fully intend to focus my energies on making whatever vision I ultimately have for this become a reality.  I have a certain amount of confidence in what I feel this thing is capable of becoming, and it is exciting to me.


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