Everybody Cut…

Being someone who spent their formative years firmly entrenched in 80’s culture, I spend a great amount of time watching music videos and movies about break-dancing.  This led me to believe, for most of my early and teen years, that I could overcome any obstacle simply by luring it onto a dance floor.  This led to several unfortunate knocks to my self confidence later on in life.  I have now learned that there is not one damn thing that I can defeat by dancing, unless it is someone else’s lack of something hilariously unfortunate at which to laugh.  Spinning on my head will not convince the land developer not to destroy the teen center.  And there is absolutely no way, and I mean no way, that you can defend a lady’s honor by moonwalking.  I really wish that last one would have been made part of my sixth grade curriculum.  That would have saved a lot of blood loss.

There is no real point to today’s post.  I am busy dealing with post vacation blues along with a litany of other issues.  None of these problems can be dealt with by dancing either…unless drinking is involved, but I think that in that case the drinking would be more beneficial than the actual dancing.  Oh well, back to work.  I got a major project on my desk that I’m going to try firing a few well placed groin thrusts and a “running man” at before I give up and just put a spreadsheet together.  Real life sucks.


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