Just a Little Something

I just wanted to post a couple of quick things as I try to complete the packing list for vacation. It’s really not that difficult, since my wardrobe consists of four t-shirts, one pair of pants and three pairs of shorts that fit me. My list basically just says “pack the clothes that fit you”.

First, I have fixed the subscription link on the upper right corner of the main page. It will now take you to the RSS feed. I know you’re thinking “but Jim, we liked the fact that when we tried to subscribe to the feed it just took us to a broken link. It was different, it was NOW!” I just thought that maybe I would try to get a few more readers. Probably selfish, I admit.

Second, with regards to the ongoing potty training issue, here is a conversation between my wife and I as she packed the snacks and treats for the kids.

Wife: I’m packing the poop suckers.
Me: Um…okay.
Wife: That’s what they are incentive for…not how they are flavored.
Me: cool.

Just a small example of how having children turns your life into a combination of Twin Peaks and the Airplane! movies.


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