A Productive Weekend

This past weekend was a whirlwind of home projects and accomplishments.  My wife and I dropped the kids off at her Mother’s and proceeded to paint three-quarters of the interior of the house.  It has needed it for years, since we moved in, actually.  This was probably our best paint job yet, and we know a thing or two about painting.  We gave ourselves plenty of time to achieve our goal and checked off smaller goals as they were accomplished.  We taped and did prep work the first night, did two coats of trim around the windows, doors and woodwork the second day and rolled on two coats to finish on the third.  A little cleanup and curtain hanging on Sunday and we were done.  We even managed to fit in a little yard work after we picked up the girls.  Plenty of good energy and a well-accomplished weekend.  The point is, we didn’t get into a rush for our results.  We gave ourselves the time we needed to do things properly.  We didn’t get tired or sloppy and it shows.  In a way, my own health journey is similar to this methodology.  Celebrate small goals, take your time and enjoy.

By the time we finished up on Saturday night, we were in no mood to cook dinner for ourselves.  This meant throwing ourselves to the mercies of restaurant food. Considering the amount of energy we expended over the course of the weekend, however, my indiscretion of fish and chips from a local pub (the best) is small in comparison.  We were also meeting the Grandparents for lunch for the kid exchange on Sunday, so this really meant that we were going to have to make it through two meals out.  As we sat at Applebees perusing the menu that afternoon, I had a deep desire to go for a burger and get crazy.  At the last minute, self-control won over and I decided to try out their new “550 Calorie Meal” offerings.  My meal consisted of a small piece of overdone steak (not even close to medium rare), some watery veggies and a pathetic portion of potatoes (paltry).  I was hungry, though, so down it went.  As I picked up my last forkful of veggies, however, I noticed a sticker had been mixed in with the food.  It looked like a food service label that indicated the serving date of the food.  I didn’t mention anything, thought the server acknowledged it as he removed the plate.
“It probably just fell off the vegetable bag”, he explained.
“I know”, I said.  “It’s cool.  At least it says today’s date!”, I joked.
He apologized some more.  We paid the check and got up to leave.  On the way out the door I was stopped by a managerial looking woman.
“Did you have a sticker in your food?”, she asked.
“Uh, yeah”, I responded.
“Here is a card for a free dessert the next time you come in.  I’m very sorry”, she explained.
“Oh, okay.  Thanks”
I am fully aware of how restaurant manager damage control works.  I worked in the industry for several years.  But I have to ask just one question…
I specifically ordered a small portioned, lower calorie meal.  You attempt to resolve an issue with that meal by giving me a free dessert.  Dessert.
Remember folks, regardless of the infraction, you can appease any average American by offering them sugar.  I’m going to begin randomly offending strangers and then offer them candy afterward.  “I’m sorry I yelled obscenities in your face.  Here, have some Laffy Taffy”.

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