I don’t remember snowmen being so hard to make.  It must be one of the things that goes with age, like hearing or the appreciation for sour candy.  To the left, you can see my wife’s snowspider.  It is a very happy snowspider.  It is probably just happy to be near such an obviously cool snowman.


Get Out of My Dreams, and Onto That Bus.

Over the past eight months or so, I have done the unthinkable. I have bought four vehicles and sold five, including the one I have for sale right now. I am not crazy, although I might get there if I had a car dependable enough to drive me there. It turns out that I just really suck at picking out vehicles. We are not really at the budget for a brand new car quite yet, so we generally rely on our psychic abilities and the trustworthiness of the person selling the (preferably gently) used vehicle. This may come as a surprise to some, but apparently when someone offers the opinion that an automobile will last “many more miles”, they apparently mean “several hundred”. I think I am starting to get the hang of their language now.

So, up goes my recently purchased truck on Craigslist. There is nothing really wrong with the truck per se. This one is mostly my fault for picking a vehicle that, in no way, accommodated the needs of our family. I admit, I just really wanted a truck…and now I don’t. My wife has started working more hours, with the end result being full-time, so I will need to get a vehicle that can put a couple of small humans in the backseat for loading and unloading at daycare, pre-school, etc. The girls are a little bummed about selling the truck. They really liked it even though they were never able to ride in it. I think they were always just holding out hope that, one day, they would be able to ride in it, and that day would be freakin’ awesome. I have to admit that the latest list of automotive needs is not nearly as worthy of excitement. It includes such heart pounding attributes as: fuel-efficiency…and that’s it. Preferably wrapped up in a price point that is somewhere in the ridiculously cheap range. Since I’m already demanding the impossible, I would also like a vehicle that is fun to drive, makes me look cool and can hold a lot of stuff. Oh, and a wicked stereo, it’s got to have a wicked stereo. I often feel bad for the folks surrounding me in traffic and their inability to hear the bass lines to my favorite tunes. From what I have found so far, apparently it is possible to fulfill this list, as long as I sacrifice certain creature comforts such as an “engine” and “a transmission”. Hey, at least that will improve the fuel efficiency. Suck on that, Prius owners. My car is so green it doesn’t even run.