No Fun Like Snow Fun!

     I won’t mince words (or is it mint swords?) about the wintertime, I’m not a fan.  No, sir, I don’t like it.  The cold is the major issue for me.  I don’t like being cold.  People who say they don’t mind the cold are people who just want to be different from you when you say you don’t like it.  “I enjoy the change of seasons” these mentally deranged people bleat.  You could stand before them being attacked by Colobus monkeys and screaming for help, and they would stand there being attacked by the very same monkeys, stating how they don’t mind the shrieking monkey attacks so much.  “It’s a nice break from the day” they might say.  “At least they don’t have thumbs!” they may throw out.  These people, I offer, are buttheads.  You can keep your lake-effect snows and monkey attacks; I prefer a somewhat warmer climate.  But since I also like a brisk dichotomy, I will profess that I enjoy snow.  It’s pretty and it’s fun to play in, at least until snow’s friend Numb Extremities comes to visit. Continue reading No Fun Like Snow Fun!